Low loader

Our low loader hire enables your mechanised plant, materials and cabins to be moved quickly and efficiently around Essex and Suffolk. As machinery and plant becomes more sophisticated there is a need to be able to blend the services of both abnormal load movements and general plant movements.

Each abnormal transportation requirement is unique and requires knowledge and attention to detail to ensure that the most secure and effective movement is provided. All our Low Loaders are available on a number of flexible hire terms to suit the needs of each individual project. We supply low loaders both short and long term and for one-off jobs.

Hiab Crane Hire

Our Hiab cranes are suitable for almost any job, no matter how large or heavy. In fact, there isn’t much that our heavy duty Hiab vehicles can’t handle. If you have an awkward or abnormal load then we will ensure a suitable route is planned in advance. If there is restricted access (e.g. narrow streets) at the delivery or drop off site, or you need goods delivered above or below ground level, then our Hiab cranes are perfect.

We have specialised in providing Hiab cranes for domestic and commercial projects with many years of experience. Our lorries have extendable arms for extra long reach, for any 12m or 15m Hiab crane services.

Hiab rigid 4/8 wheeler

A rigid Hiab is a vehicle which is a made up of the truck, trailer and lorry mounted crane all in one rigid structure. Rigid Hiabs are a bit more nimble and can fit into tighter spaces than the alternative of a truck pulling a separate trailer. Rigid Hiabs can have their crane situated at the front or back of the vehicle and are often referred to as a rear mount or front mounted Hiab for this reason.

For a rigid Hiab to carry a larger load than their trailer body allows, an additional trailer can be pulled which is often referred to as a ‘wagon and drag’.